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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Class Action Attorney

Class action empowers individual plaintiffs, who would be at a serious disadvantage confronting a powerful defendant, to obtain strength in numbers to balance the scales of justice. It may be that an insurance company is cheating its policy holders out of small amounts of cash. For a single policy holder who notices the fraud, the loss is not worth filing a lawsuit, so the company can reap millions in illegal profits unimpeded. Or a manufacturer might keep a product on the market after it’s proven to be unsafe, thinking the worst case scenario would be a few lawsuits, the cost of which the company could easily absorb. But a class action, a single suit representing every person who was harmed, allows consumers to become a corporation in their own right, amassing the strength to win just compensation.

Robert D. Greenbaum & Associates, LLC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania believes in the power of class actions to deter illegal behavior, promote justice and ensure that the free market, dominated by powerful corporations, serves the public good and does not take advantage of unwary consumers. For 35 years, our attorneys have worked with groups of citizens to certify classes for trial in state and federal courts on such varied issues as:

  • Anti-trust
  • Consumer fraud
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Insurance reimbursement
  • Medical device defect
  • Product defect
  • Shareholder fraud
  • Toxic tort

When can a lawsuit become a class action?
In order for a suit to be certified as a class action, it must satisfy four criteria. Plaintiffs must show:

  • Commonality – that the plaintiffs’ claims are substantially about the same thing
  • Adequacy – that the named plaintiffs and their attorneys are able to represent the class appropriately
  • Numerosity – that there are enough plaintiffs to justify a class designation
  • Typicality – that the representative plaintiffs’ claims are typical of all claims within the class

Robert D. Greenbaum & Associates, LLC has extensive experience getting plaintiff groups certified as classes. We have prevailed, either through trial in state and federal court or via settlement, to gain for our clients money damages and/or injunctive relief.

Have you received notice of a class action to which you may be a party?
Perhaps you have seen or heard a published notice that the pharmaceutical company that manufactured a prescription you used is facing a class action. Class actions are generally held on an “opt out” basis, meaning the action is ready to go forward, with you if you do nothing, or without you if you remove yourself. If you do not act, you will be bound by the judgment in that case. If you opt out, you retain your right to pursue compensation on your own, but may face severe difficulties. You have the right to know whether your interests will be adequately represented by the case at hand and its attorney, or whether you’d be better off opting out. An experienced class action attorney like Robert D. Greenbaum & Associates, LLC can advise you on the best course of action.

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